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29 July 2020by

For those looking for more secure and affordable housing, Fraserview Housing Co-op is accepting applications for new members!

Why move here?

Community Focused: The members that live here are focused on strengthening this community, over the two years I have lived here, it has been amazing to see how much food we share, household items being lent out, tips and tricks shared and the friendships built.

The seven elected board directors ensure our members voices are heard when it comes to co-op rules, this is done by the formation of committees (Parking, Safety/Security, Garden, BBQ, Courtyard, Social, Recycling, Membership)

Secure Housing: The monthly fees are 10% less than market value of the Vancouver rental market. This is mentioned in our contract between the CIty of Vancouver and Community Land Trust, the board of directors ensure that this is met on a yearly basis. This community is also pet friendly and we take pride in celebrating our fur members!

Neighbourhood: For those who have not visited the River District in Southeast Vancouver we highly recommend you do! It is built along the Fraser River and is filled with trails and bike routes. The area continues to grow with restaurants, grocery & liquor stores, dental and doctor offices, physiotherapy, and a gym. In the future, we look forward to a community centre, daycares, and more retail stores! It is exciting to watch it grow day by day!

New Co-op System?
It is exciting to see new co-operative housing back in our housing market but things are a little different for us compared to the ‘legacy’ co-ops we all have come to know. Community Land Trust actually owns our building and leases the land from the City of Vancouver (100 year lease) the Fraserview Board of Directors actually focus on the community building and very little on the building maintenance and costs, while the directors are involved in the budget process and able to make recommendation to CLT, they do not have final say… CLT does.

Fraserview Housing is also managed by COHO management, who screens applications for new members and processes all fees associated with living here!

This new system is to ensure co-op buildings do not see the deterioration and mis management as many ‘legacy’ co-ops have seen over the years.

How can I apply?
Please find our application on the website, fill out and email to our coordinator. Once the financial requirements are met you will have an entrance with our membership committee who makes all recommendations to the board for new members. Final approval goes to the board of directors.


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Fraserview Housing co-op was completed in 2018 through a partnership with the Community Land Trust and the City of Vancouver. Community Land Trusts acquire land in various ways and hold them in trust for the community to provide affordable housing, in this case for moderate-income families.