We Moved to a Co-op

29 July 2020by

As early as 2016, my then fiance and I started filling applications out for housing co-ops around Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminsters. We would mail out, re-apply every six months… and nothing.

A friend sent us a message in early 2018 about a new housing co-op accepting applications in the River District. We didn’t know much about the area or even thought about what a new co-op would look like these days! I just wanted IN.

I wanted in SO bad because I was missing the sense of community I had growing up, while I never lived in a co-op I went to a small elementary and high school. I then carried on to a small university in Northern British Columbia. I knew everyone in my classes, at the local pub and walking through the hallways… now we were living in an apartment building and we knew NO ONE.

Fast forward 4 years and we have been living in Fraserview Housing Co-op for 2 years. We have been married for 3 and have an 11 month old… I am a director on the board and a member of both the Social and Membership Committee! My daughter plays in the courtyard with kids her age and even watches the older kids bike/scooter around. We host game nights in each other’s home (pre-covid), we watch sports games with each other (pre-covid), if you are out of lemons at least 3 of your neighbours with leave one at your door, treats are occasionally left at your door, and most of all… we have friends we can count on steps away!

Community living has been an awesome experience for our family!


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Fraserview Housing co-op was completed in 2018 through a partnership with the Community Land Trust and the City of Vancouver. Community Land Trusts acquire land in various ways and hold them in trust for the community to provide affordable housing, in this case for moderate-income families.