We Moved to a Co-op

As early as 2016, my then fiance and I started filling applications out for housing co-ops around Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminsters. We would mail out, re-apply every six months… and nothing.

Fraserview Co-op Life

I found out about Fraserview purely by accident! Tammi and I had been looking for a place and everything we had seen in our price range was pretty dismal. Lots of basement suits!

Our Community

For those looking for more secure and affordable housing, Fraserview Housing Co-op is accepting applications for new members!


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Fraserview Housing co-op was completed in 2018 through a partnership with the Community Land Trust and the City of Vancouver. Community Land Trusts acquire land in various ways and hold them in trust for the community to provide affordable housing, in this case for moderate-income families.