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29 July 2020by

I found out about Fraserview purely by accident! Tammi and I had been looking for a place and everything we had seen in our price range was pretty dismal. Lots of basement suits!

I was very concerned about having some long term stability and wanted to avoid the possibility of a landlord selling or major price increases.

I had been driving around different neighbourhoods in Vancouver to see what might meet our needs and stumbled into the River district on a Saturday morning. I checked out the showroom and got as much information as I could. It was a sunny day and the water was shimmering and lots of people were riding bikes on the path. The construction fence was still up as the occupancy permit hadn’t been issued.

Tammi was out of town visiting family (remember those days?) . I excitedly called her and said you need to see this place! When we visited together, the fence had been removed but we were still not allowed to go into any of the units so we spent our time walking around and peering into windows and trying to decipher the floor plans. It was interesting that we were able to view the various floor plans but it wasn’t clear as to the actual unit numbers except for a sticker on the window.

We saw a 09 on the window and the two units above so we guessed that would be 109, 209, and 309 and filled in the application and requested 109.

We completed the application form (like giving away your first born) and fortunately once we were approved, we were also able to arrange a viewing.

The move in was interesting! I think we were the third family to move in so the elevators were no issue and it was strange to be in such an empty building. Everytime we would see someone else, it was great fun to say hi and ask, which unit are you in?

This was a very new experience for me – I’ve lived in many places and can’t say that I ever knew my neighbours as well as I do here. The sense of community is fantastic and that’s what prompted me to run for the board of directors. I’m pleased to represent Fraserview as it’s president and lucky that we have such a strong team.

There have been a number of challenges of course, but we are persistent and continue to seek better communication with our partners, CLT and COHO.

The board serves at the pleasure of our members and we are always looking to hear from you and to make Fraserview Coop the best place to live!

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Fraserview Housing co-op was completed in 2018 through a partnership with the Community Land Trust and the City of Vancouver. Community Land Trusts acquire land in various ways and hold them in trust for the community to provide affordable housing, in this case for moderate-income families.